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Adults In Marietta, If You Are Looking For A Great Way To Get In Shape, Meet New People, And Learn To  Defend Yourself And Your Loved Ones, Premier Kung Fu May Be For You!


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Kung Fu is great for Self Defense.

All martial arts from Karate to Jiu Jitsu can be linked back to Shaolin Kung Fu, making  Kung Fu on of the most complete forms of self-defense ever created. Each punch,  kick, joint lock or throw has been perfect from hundreds of years of development. 

Shaolin Kung Fu will create a strong mind, strong body, and provide you the knowledge  necessary to confidently defend you and your family.



Kung Fu is a Great for Fitness.

Are you tired of the same old fitness programs or the newest gimmicky crazes in fitness? If so, then Kung Fu training may be for you. Kung Fu is an ancient style of martial arts that strengthens both the body and the mind. Hundreds of years ago the goal of training Kung Fu was to become a well conditioned and deadly fighter because back then your life might well depend on it.

In modern times we use this amazing training method not only for self-defense but also in to develop a healthy, toned and fit body. Plus this form of exercise will never get boring because Kung Fu Martial Arts, like Karate will always challenge you mentally and physical as you continually learn new techniques.

Learn Kung Fu for the Fun.

Kung Fu Martial Arts is about You! Developing the individual to be the best they can be. The only person you will be competing with is yourself. You will find our training  fun and exciting as you learn and master the different forms, drills, techniques and  traditional weapons that make Shaolin Martial Arts so appealing to people all over the world. 

You will also become part of a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and build lifelong friendships with other Kung Fu students that share this culture with you.



Confidence / Self Esteem

As your skills improve naturally your confidence and self esteem will also improve. Techniques that you found difficult not long ago now become everyday movements and combinations that you will use all through your kung fu training experience. The mind and body work together to complete the training experience and a sense of pride and achievement is evident as you become more confident in your ability.

Although Kung Fu is an individual sport, students reach their potential and goals through the support of other students, higher graded students and our nationally accredited instructors. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from any of our fellow practitioners. Kung fu will build your confidence and self esteem as training increases and grading levels are achieved.