Tiny Champs coming to PMA North Point

We are proud to announce a brand new class to PMA North Point, designed specifically for kids ages 3-4 - Tiny Champs!  Classes Start Monday August 22nd!

This program is designed specifically for their growing mind's and body's. Our curriculum will include basic martial arts skills, gross motor skills, and knowledge of how to act in a martial arts class - preparing them for the Little Champs Class.  Classes will take place just before the Little Champs class each day, and will run for 30 minutes.

We will also be doing a %25 discount on the tuition and equipment until September 30, 2016 for anyone who wishes to join

After School Martial Arts Coming To A School Near You!

After School Martial Arts Coming To A School Near You!

Reid's Premier Martial Arts North Point is proud to announce that we have three brand new After School Martial Arts starting this school year!  We will be providing this awesome program to student of all ages at Mimosa Elementary School, ICS Atlanta, and Atlanta Academy!

We provide a Fun, Structured, Safe, and Supervised Program for your Child that teaches them Focus, Confidence, Respect and Discipline.  Our After School Program is packed with fun, engaging activities that teach your kids the skills they need to succeed in life.  Your child will learn about goal setting, respect and showing it to others, and building mental confidence as they build strength in their bodies.

***BONUS*** - T-shirts and Car Magnets will be provided to all who sign up!  Please check here for program details and cost.  Dates, Times, and Pricing will vary upon location.

Diet and Behavior: 3 Changes to Make Today!

This comes http://www.brainbalancecenters.com/  A great resource everyone should use!  I went "Primal"/"Keto" four years ago and try to eat organic when I can.  I have never felt better!

Diet and Behavior: 3 Changes to Make Today

Food Sensitivities, Dyes, and Antibiotics May Contribute to Behavioral Issues in Kids

Kids with ADHDAsperger Syndrome,Sensory Processing Disorder, and otherbehavioral issues often benefit from simple diet changes. Many parents are asking what’s the connection between diet and behavior, and what changes should I make now for my child? Learn more about the connection between diet and behavior below, and consider making the following three changes in your family’s diet today!


Go Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free – When a child has food sensitivities, it can mean that certain foods are not fully digested in the stomach and can get through the lining of the gut, triggering an immune response in the body and brain. Chemicals produced during this immune response can affect a child’s behavior and learning ability. Kids with food sensitivities may also experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to malabsorption. This problem, which is often referred to as leaky gut syndrome, should be addressed through food elimination trials. While any food can be a culprit, gluten and dairy are common sensitivities among kids with behavioral issues, so eliminating them is a great first step. Get ideas and recipes for going gluten and dairy free here, and read more about leaky gut and ADHD symptoms here.

Eliminate Food Dyes – A 2010 report from the FDA suggests that while artificial colors are not the cause of ADHD symptoms, they can exacerbate symptoms in kids who struggle with inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Eliminating food dyes from your family’s diet may be helpful for susceptible children, and some parents anecdotally report an immediate change for the better. Read morefrom one mom who, after eliminating artificial colors from her son’s diet, said, “We saw amazing results at school, we saw amazing results in his attitude, he was happy; no more meltdowns at all.” She is now petitioning a major U.S. candy manufacturer to stop using dyes altogether!

Buy Organic Meat and Dairy – While switching to only organic foods can seem like a daunting task, we recommend beginning with small steps for your child’s health and behavior. Non-organic meat and dairy contain antibiotics, and a recent study showed that eating them caused a nearly immediate change in gut flora. Gut flora are “good” bacteria that are responsible for extracting energy from food, building the body’s immune system, and protecting against infection and inflammation among other tasks. While taking high quality probiotics and eating certain foods like yogurt can help offset some of these changes in gut flora, consuming only organic meat and dairy is a great place to start to help your family avoid the over-use of anitbiotics and transition to a more natural diet over time. Click here to learn more about the connection between gut flora and mental health.

While the link between diet and behavior is still being investigated, parents can certainly make changes today to improve the health of their entire family. It’s important to note that diet changes, although helpful to manage behavioral symptoms, are only temporary if the underlying imbalance in the brains is not addressed. To learn more about The Brain Balance Program, which combines sensory motor, academic, and nutritional objectives, we invite you to visit your local Brain Balance Achievement Center.  Contact us today to find the center nearest you!


This Article was written by my long time teacher and friend - Master Michael Reid.

Summer is here and as parents we are always looking for safe activities for our kids that are not only fun, but challenge and expand our kids' personal horizons. With 41 years of experience in organized athletics spanning youth, high school, collegiate and professional sports, I believe Martial Arts is such an activity.  I have great respect for organized athletics;  my father was a  high school coach and I was so blessed to be able to compete and play in the NFL with our Atlanta Falcons for 6 seasons.  With that said, based upon my life experiences, I think that Martial Arts absolutely does the best job of teaching young people the life skills necessary to be competitive and successful in life.

A top notch school will teach goal setting, teamwork and instill in your child a desire to be successful, persistent and resilient. These are life skills! These are skills of personal development that our children will carry with them throughout their lives. Learning these skills when you are a kid represents a huge competitive advantage that many people are not exposed to until much later in life.

Unlike 30 or 40 years ago when kids could not sit in front of a video game all day playing Pong (if you are old enough to know what Pong is, you know the graphics were not that great) today’s virtual world is very attractive and quite addictive to young people.  It is important for proper development that young bodies move, exercise, build strength, and learn coordination skills.  Lack of exercise combined with poor nutrition are huge issues that martial arts training can certainly improve.

As a career martial artist, I often hear people categorize martial arts as just fighting.  Nothing, particularly in regard to traditional martial arts, could further from the truth.  Yes, some schools and gyms are dedicated to mixed martial arts, a tough physical sport, that has gained quite a bit of notoriety.  However, in my opinion, fighting and self-defense are only a small portion of what martial arts really represents, particularly with regards to kids.

A great program for kids will use the martial arts and the self-defense skills that it teaches to promote and build the personal self-esteem of each child, teach focus-  "the ability to block out distractions” and self control - “using the mind to control the body.”  The confidence that a young person develops from the knowledge that they can protect themselves promotes a positive self- image.  This in turn means they have a greater respect for themselves and others and are far less likely to get themselves into negative situations. In addition, If things do go south, they are much more likely to handle themselves without having to use physical violence.

So if you are looking for an activity that will make sure your kids learn, remain physically fit, and develop life skills, consider checking out one of our summer programs or summer camps being offered throughout Cobb & Fulton county and the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Find a school with a great reputation and get your child started. It could truly be a life changing experience.

Master Michael Reid - Found and Owner of Reid's Premier Martial Arts Marietta


Sifu Wes Otto

Student of Master Michael Reid and owner of Reid’s Premier Martial Arts - North Point

Click Here To Learn More About Our Summer Special!

Reid's Premier Martial Arts 2016 Sizzling Summer Special!


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Look no further. Don't let the learning stop just because it's Summer.

We are ninja masters at disguising life-changing lessons of focus, discipline and gratitude through fun martial arts drills and games. 

We agree kids need a break from the typical classroom setting but we are sure you do not want them to stop thinking about the importance of their behavior while in a learning environment. 

We are offering a Summer Special for character development lessons through martial arts.

For a limited Time Only Sizzling Summer Special - 8 Weeks for $189.00, includes FREE Uniform while supplies last.


Click here to sign up online at EventBrite 

or contact Premier Martial Arts North Point at NorthPoint@pmaNorthPoint.com

(special is for new members)

Your child will learn the value of these traits in just the first two lessons!

  • Curtsey/Respect
  • Self Control
  • Focus
  • Self Discipline
  • Confidence 
  • Goal Setting

Our certified character development driven instructors will go into detail of each of the above concepts leading your child to earning a white belt from our academy.

Contact us to schedule your child's first lesson and to learn about our Summer Specials

Empowering Live Through Martial Arts,


Premier Martial Arts North Point

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9 Reasons Why Kids Should Do Martial Arts

There have been countless stories of how people have changed their lives with the many benefits that come with practicing martial arts. However, one big misconception still exists: that martial arts are only for adults.

Contrary to what many people think, martial arts can benefit children as much as or maybe even more than it can for adults! And these benefits go beyond just keeping them fit and healthy; they provide qualities and life lessons that are undeniably valuable to a growing child.

Are you thinking of enrolling your child in martial arts? Don’t worry, Premier Martial Arts is here to help with 9 Reasons Why Kids Should Do Martial Arts:

1) They will learn how to defend themselves. Here are the cold, hard facts. Across the world, DoSomething.Org reports that:

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.
Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school.
1 out of 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying.
According to the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth and Bully-Free Campaign,

1 out of 8 children are bullied on a weekly basis in Singapore.
4 out of 35 children are repeatedly being bullied by their peers.

One of biggest concerns parents have is that their children would not be able to defend him or herself in times of need (i.e. being bullied). On top of teaching children to avoid trouble altogether, martial arts will also prepare them both mentally and physically to defend themselves should the need ever arise.

2) It helps them stay active and fit.

In an age where people turn to the screens of their phones, computers and television sets instead of outdoor activities, martial arts is the perfect way to get kids off their couches and stay active. On top of that, martial arts build muscle and increase cardiovascular performance, ensuring that your child is fit and healthy.

3) It develops their athleticism.

The movements involved in martial arts will challenge and build motor skills, flexibility, reflexes and dexterity, which help develop a child’s athleticism. This helps create a good athletic base for children that will help them excel in all other physical activities.

4) It teaches discipline and focus.

Discipline and focus are hard to build in children nowadays, and parents would no doubt agree with this. But with martial arts, a child will learn focus, patience, restraint, and the many qualities that come with discipline. The same level of discipline and focus obtained from practicing martial arts will no doubt become a part of their daily lives.

5) They will learn respect.

Respect for adults, authority, or anyone in an advanced position is rare among children today. However, respect is a big part of martial arts and its traditions. Thus, the child will learn to be well mannered and respectful not only to their instructors, but towards everyone else as well.

6) It builds their confidence and self-esteem.

A lack of confidence and self-esteem can be detrimental and plague a child for the rest of his or her life. That is why it is important for anyone to develop a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem at an early age. The satisfaction of learning and achieving in martial arts will strengthen a child’s self-esteem.

7) It will strengthen their minds.

Martial arts doesn’t just strengthen the body, it strengthens the mind as well. Most of the time, it is our minds that stop us from performing at our best. Martial arts will push anyone to break barriers and overcome fears and obstacles. A strong mind is a powerful tool to help children overcome tough times and succeed in all areas of their life.

8) They will learn to be independent.

While martial arts teaches the importance of teamwork, it is also one of the few activities that requires a practitioner to be self-reliant and independent. Learning how to do a technique, progressing to the next level, or even winning a competition is completely based on the hard work and commitment put in by an individual. So with martial arts, a child will excel when the time comes to be independent.

9) They will learn to be goal-oriented.

Successful businessmen, elite level athletes, and big achievers all have one thing in common: they set goals. Being goal-oriented is one of the keys to being successful in life. It gives individuals direction and motivation, helping them focus and organize their resources in the best way possible to achieve those goals. Martial arts will help children learn to set goals for themselves. This will help them in every aspect of life, whether it is in school, work, or other sports.

So, are you convinced that martial arts is the perfect activity for kids? Whether it is just for fun, fitness, or to bully-proof a child, martial arts is a great way to build a child’s character that will last a lifetime.


PMA North Point offers Free Women's Self Defense Class!

Reid's Premier Martial Arts North Point is proud to offer a Free Women's Self Defense Class on Saturday March 12th at 3:00pm!  Join us for an outing that you will never forget!  We will cover Reality Based Concepts, such as how to avoid becoming a victim, and what to do if you are!  Learn which areas on the human body are best to target and learn how to utilize your strengths to ensure that your survival!  

Register Today to reserve your spot!  Bring along your friends and family!

This Is Why Martial Arts Makes You More Attractive

What makes a person attractive? Is it a charming personality, eyes that sparkle or smooth, flawless skin?

We wouldn’t know for sure. But one thing we can confirm is that all attractive people tend to sparkle with confidence, and are happy in general.

You may not know it yet, but martial arts can play a role in helping you gain confidence and ultimately, become a happier person. (Psst, these are only two of the several reasons why you’ll be more attractive when you start training!)

Want to be more desirable? Then read on to discover Why Martial Arts Makes You More Attractive.

1) You’ll learn to love and respect your body

Kung Fu is one of the most powerful and effective martial arts in the world.

Once you start training martial arts, you’ll learn to take better care of yourself – from eating the right kinds of food to getting sufficient rest.

Besides giving you the energy to power through an intense training session, these good habits would improve your complexion while giving you a nice, toned body. When you see progress, you’ll be even more motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as perhaps reducing the amount of junk food and alcohol you consume.

As you get stronger and healthier, you’ll appreciate your body so much more. All the flaws that used to bother you would be insignificant when you compare them to what your body is capable of doing.

 2) You’ll radiate positivity

Practicing martial arts would improve your mood as your brain releases endorphins.

Ever notice that optimistic people tend to be more charming than their pessimistic counterparts? This is because they can always see the bright side of things, even when they’re caught in the darkest of situations.

The positive energy they exude makes them attractive because it’s contagious! When you have the power to influence others around you to smile, you’ll notice that more people will be drawn to you.

Martial arts will teach you to be more optimistic because you might find yourself disheartened at times, for example, if you take a longer time to master certain techniques. But fret not, because this would train you to stay positive and eventually view these challenges as ways to become a better fighter.

This optimism you acquire would help you to embrace life’s challenges, as well as see the world from a new, happier perspective.

3) You’ll be in control of your life

Krav Maga gives you the necessary skills to defend yourself in real life situations.

Life has its way of challenging us, by occasionally putting us through tests and obstacles. Sometimes, we might end up feeling helpless and defeated as these are caused by external factors that we can’t control.

Martial arts will empower you to become the master of your own life, so you’ll never let things you can’t control knock you down. Instead, you’ll focus on what you have power over – such as keeping fit by training regularly and doing what it takes to get into the best shape of your life.

Once you realize that you have the power to get the most out of every day, you’ll be extra motivated to make every moment count.

4) You’ll grow stronger inside and out

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60 minute class.

We believe this is one of the most attractive traits you’ll develop when you practice martial arts!

As you get through intense training sessions week after week, you’ll find that you’re able to push yourself harder and perform much better when you’re training or sparring.

Besides challenging you physically, martial arts will shape you to become a more resilient person so you can take on all kinds of obstacles and become a fighter in all aspects of life.

5) You’ll be more adventurous

The more you train and step out of your comfort zone, the more daring you’ll be when taking risks. That means you’ll always be open to trying new things, be it a different martial art or a new kind of food.

The new experiences that you gain from taking risks would add lots of excitement into your life, both in and out of the gym. What’s more, this would give you major attractive points because – let’s face it – who can resist a badass that thrives on adventure?


Practicing martial arts will make you attractive in more ways than one. Besides giving you the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones, it will transform you into a sexy beast!

So take the first step of your martial arts journey by signing up for a class, and get ready to become the most attractive version of yourself!

Anger Management for Children

By: Lynne Namka, ED D.

I’m getting so many letters from baffled parents with angry children. Some of the parents have a background of abuse from childhood. Others have a child with an anger prone temperament. Other angry children have a history of sexual abuse the parents may not know about. Some children have a combination of these three factors. If your child has a change in behavior for the worse, ask him or her if someone has touched their private parts or has hurt them in any way.

I call these kids who are different from your ordinary type of discipline kids the Industrial Strength Kids. They require Industrial Strength Parenting. Even more than the ordinary garden variety type of child, Industrial Strength Kids need to learn the skills talking about feelings instead of acting them out, containing their anger, handling criticism and being able to see things from other people’s eyes.

So after you read this letter, sit down with your (older) child and read the parts of it to him or her that could be understood. Then work together in making a plan to address the various aspects of what I describe.

Children who talk about their feelings decrease their anger. As they grow up, they are less likely to turn to alcohol or drugs or join gangs. One of the MOST IMPORTANT skills for children with anger to learn is to talk about their feelings instead of acting them out in anger outbursts. Children who talk out their hurts and disappointments have an outlet for their stress.

Some other skills that can be taught and reinforced are taking turns, listening to others, inhibiting behaviors that threaten others, following directions, stopping sarcasm and egging others on. Some of the higher level skills are resolving conflict, listening with empathy when pain and hurt are described, giving support and encouragement and creative problem solving.

Social skills are easy to teach. Children can learn the positive values of treating each other with respect and taking responsibility for their own behavior. The steps to teaching social skills are similar to teaching academic subjects except that play and group activities and discussion plays a stronger role.

  • Identify the skill that needs to be learned.
  • Introduce the skill through discussion and modeling of the desired response.
  • Give the rule and alternatives to the rule.
  • Cue the child what to say and do regarding the new skill.
  • Have the child cue himself through self talk.
  • Provide practice of the skill through modeling, games, puppet and doll play, and role playing.
  • Reinforce the new skill during practice.
  • Teach the child to reinforce himself using self talk for using the skill. (Feel good about using the skill!)
  • Provide opportunities for generalization and reinforcement of the skill in daily play.